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Friday, September 21, 2007


Space, As Romanticized by Stephanie I.

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Monday, April 02, 2007


Ode to One of Us

As I Sit in my Bright Room;
Listening to the components that make me thinking of you,
reflecting your eclectic personality.
Everybody tries to catch you,
But you always manage to escape, giving them the jailed fate instead.
As you move along my hands,
that feeling freely runs,
Like a horse in the prairie,
along my naked body.
There you keep moving,
your route and eating
smaller water creatures, as if their lives were not important enough to you
and not worth of living for that.
And they probably are ultimately not.
If she wants me,
we'll be
the sleepyheads,
but i will choose to be the craziest clock
(that)Likes to float around the galaxy that (she) is,
playing with the marbles she owns,
and thinking about what such whole universe means to me:
Infinite stacks of stars,
Floating lonely space cowboys,
On one side.
On the Other side.
To You,

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Monday, March 05, 2007


church of space (THE SONG)


The Art Party is loosely affiliated with the COSMOS (church of space mystical organisation of spirituality).

little has been known about the Church of Space--until now. this is basically all that exists about it.



What is the ultimate reality?
The cause of causality?
Others think that they do know,
But they always fail to show
What it is they think they see,
Faith can't be so easy.

The Church of Space still seeks the answer,
Amidst aquarius, capricorn, and cancer.
We don't say we claim we know,
but into SPACE we must go
to perform stellar experiments
on our exponential firmaments.

Have Mass on Mars and commune on the moon.
On Earth, you'll never see the stars come into bloom.
We say Pluto's a planet, not just a rock.
Blast off into our holy flock.
If you want a truly universal faith,
We await you in outer space.

Look at all these earthly churches
Pontiffs on their purchased perches
They read books while we write them
Their chants pale next to our bright night hymn
Space is full of contradiction,
but still better than earth's simple fiction

Terrestrial religion is lazy,
but outer space is fucking crazy!
Quasars spitting gamma rays,
Pulsars with their radio waves
You might think that space is quite a rave,
but Saturn isn't just a place to play.

words by admiral alanna and cadet tom
music by cadet tom

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Monday, February 26, 2007


A song

Theres alot going on here. Im trying to add a trombone but my lips and lungs arent quite up to it yet.

Space Shanty

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Monday, January 22, 2007


Birds In Space Doodle

Sharpie on folded butcher paper.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007



own the bugs and worms and the trees
serve as their towers: they watch over
our parks while bums sleep and they keep
clear of cats and children and birds

own the powerlines we're too scared to climb;
they perch in ropes across sunset reds
and clutch our lights, our heat, our wires,
vibrating against our electric hums and birds

own outer space: they shoot through a stratosphere
like bullets through a composition notebook;
they comprise the color of your average nebula,
gathering around the black hole, guarding the open gate

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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Conspiracy Theory

Global warming: the powers that be are melting
the world’s ice to create more land space
for the development of their supercreatures:

three trunked elephants, beige tree frogs,
time traveling turtles, inside-out fish,
flute beaked pelicans with perfect pitch.


Saturday, December 02, 2006


Coloring Book Collaborations

Space Bots: Drawn by Cadet Warren, Colored by Cadet Ledet

Space Artist: Drawn by Cadet Tom, Colored by Cadet Warren

Space Shoe: Drawn by Cadet Alanna, Colored by Cadet Tom

Space Birds: Drawn by Cadet Ledet, Colored by Cadet Alanna

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