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Within this website, you will find the final resting place for the songs of Scandaliz Vandalistz, a band of friends from Memphis, Tennessee. This is the album we recorded in the hot hot summer of 2008, as a follow-up to our first album, I Forgot Where I Was Going, So I Came Back.
These songs were composed between 2005 and 2008 as we left our hometown and began our college careers. Despite having attempted to break up the band at the end of high school, we continued to find ourselves periodically reunited in Memphis, and, thus, Home to Roost was born. We hope you enjoy it.
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1. Ghettoblaster

2. Panamanian Fighter

3. Demi-National Bra

4. Blue Egg Blues

5. Morphine Sister

6. Grandeza

7. Fireworks

8. Relief

9. Little Brains (The Closet Song)

10. Annabelle

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SV is Alice Buchanan, Katherine Dohan, Alanna Stewart, and Brock Terwilleger

featuring Dustin McCormick on drums,
and Wesley Morgan on upright bass on tracks 10 and 4

Recorded and mixed by Noah Glenn