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Monday, April 16, 2007


baby cymbal

There used to be a tiny little baby cymbal on the drumset at Joe's apartment. It was so tiny and cute and we all talked about how it probably feels next to the big "real" cymbals. So after this conversation, I wrote this song real quick and recorded it on garageband. In a perfect world, there would be little baby ding sounds and lots of percussion background. Sadly, this version is just me and a guitar.



aww... i can almost hear that little cymbal now! i am so glad i get to hear your voice, even though it makes me miss you. beautiful beautiful. thanks for sharing.
I love it. It's been stuck in my head. My favorite line is, "I know how it feels to be smaller than the rest."
sweet and silly and honest and everything else you kids are good at. you and kat need a split ep.
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