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Monday, November 20, 2006


The March of Plants

This is another conceptual song i made. sort of a "mrs o leary's cow" almost.

The March Of Plants

i play all the instruments myself, those included:


You have a really interesting way of working with sound. I get really interesting images in my head while listening to this. Would you interested in doing the score for a 16mm film? Please post more!
great title by the way.
i could probably do a sound track. ive got loads of other songs too, ive just been posting the ones ive completed since i joined the blog.
I should have a picture lock by the end of march. If you want I could send you something to look at before then so that you can decide whether or not you are interested? I plan on finishing the film with a married print..meaning that the optical track would be printed onto the film. I think the film will end up being 15-20 minutes in length. The deadline for all of this would be when I graduate in May. But yea I would like to hear more of your more songs. Do you have a website?
www.myspace.com/reverendfingers is the only place i have music hosted right now. i could upload them to you directly if you have soulseek
You should listen to The Books, Matmos, and maybe even Broken Spindles. Perhaps you already have.
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